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6 Instagram Accounts for Nutrition Obsessed Moms Feeding Babies and Toddlers

Running out of ideas to feed your baby or tot? We’ve been there. We know feeding your little ones can be so challenging. If you have a picky eater, struggle finding the time to prepare meals, or just want to learn more about health and nutrition, we’ve got you covered!

To help you save and time and money, we’ve collected 9 awesome Instagram accounts to give you the best recipe ideas from moms who care about nutrition for their little ones, just like you!

@kidfriendly.meals does a great job when it comes to Baby Led Weaning and Toddler Meal ideas. As a registered dietitian and with a covers recipes and cookbooks and everything in-between including a topic a lot of moms always ask about: correct portion sizes for toddlers.

@snackswithjax Sarah is a nutritionist and culinary instructor with a 23 month old. She is all about the balanced lifestyle and helping parents with tips and tricks for picky eaters. Sarah started baby led weaning at 6 months and is thriving!

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@veggiesandvirtue is one of our favorite accounts! As a pediatric dietitian, Ashley is a mom of three that shares her ideas from play date snack time to teaching your little tot to like peas. She uses the “like it, learn it, love it” food program as a way to introduce foods and regularly posts what a full day of feeding looks like.

@babyledkitchen leads the charge with easy, balanced and delicious recipe ideas for babies that are 6 months+. This account has its very own app. The variety of baked goods recipes will make anyone ready for snack time!

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@mamaknows_nutrition this mama knows nutrition. Kacie is a toddler dietitian that provides real-life nutrition for toddlers & preschoolers with a focus on low-sugar meals and snacks and help for parents of picky eaters. this momma lives outside of London and makes the most delicious and easy Toddler Snacks. She takes everyday fruits and veggies and upgrades them with simple tricks to make healthy foods more fun.

Follow these accounts for nutrition inspiration and share your comments with us!

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