Our mini manifesto

Humans are pretty cool...we invented the wheel, and jazz, and chai lattes. We know how to put an astronaut on the moon or put a kid through college. We sequenced the human genome and we’re saving the pandas! Every day we fill the world with more wild ideas and remarkable stories. And though every story is different, they each begin the same way:
With an adorable baby, loving parents and a clean beginning.

We believe toddler nutrition is at the center of a healthy beginning. Unfortunately, we also believe that parents deserve a lot better than they’re getting right now. Most families rely on options that just don’t cut it. They don’t nourish like they could. They cut corners. They’re overly processed. They have too little of the good stuff and too much of the bad stuff.

The beginning is too important for that. That’s why we exist.

Begin™ is the first high-quality, nutritious toddler nutrition beverage that gets delivered straight to parents’ doors. It’s designed by nutritionists to give toddlers more of what they need and less of what they don’t. It’s made from organic ingredients with full transparency of the supply chain along the way. It’s delivered to parents door at their pace, so they’re always covered. And it’s powered digitall– so parents can spend less time shopping and more time snuggling.

We want to give growing families the nutrition, knowledge and tools they need to feel happy and empowered during their first few years. We want to build a food company that’s less concerned with margins and more concerned with wellness. We want to fill the world with more great humans by creating more great beginnings.